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What is love?

Is it a feeling, like hunger? Is it a necessity, like breathing? Is it a style statement, like a mobile? Is it a hobby, like cricket? Is it a passion, like life? Is it everything yet nothing at all?

Anyone? Everyone? No one?

It is probably the most common four-letter word in the history. You may associate it anything and anyone, your parents, your partner, your pet, your confidant, your poison, yourself! But can anyone actually define Love? Yes? I am willing to the person who can satisfy my curiosity & give me a definitive answer. I’ll pay you in kind, maybe shower you with Love!

When do you know that you are in love?

Is it when you forget everything and everyone & spend 30 hours a day visualizing yourself with your Significant Other (SO)? Is it when you can’t stand anyone speaking wrong about the only ‘perfect’ person in your life? Is it when your blood boils if your SO gives more importance to someone other than you? Is it when you feel empty in their absence & spring to life with a mere SMS? I wouldn’t say that I have spent an enormous time trying to figure this mystery, but I surely have experienced the ups & downs that it brings. Its strange how all the cliché & filmy dialogues don’t seem funny anymore when you are a part. Things that defy common sense suddenly flood your mind & you start believing in its existence. “I’ll get the stars & moon for you” – Right!!

Is it a happy feeling?

Research tells us that ‘Love’ is the main cause for suicide. It’s weird as it is suppose to fill your life with happiness and joy but it ends up making it even worse. Now, take for eg. An ice cream, you like your lips when it changes color with every lick, you like the soft yet frozen feel on your tongue, you like the way it feels as it makes its way from your mouth all the way to your stomach – But would you harm yourself once you are done enjoying it? No! At max you will order one more. You will relish it for a while but you will surely not (I hope) bang your head against the wall till you buy one more (Maybe during pregnancy, but that’s a whole different situation). Everything in this world is optional; food, clothes, work or friends and the best part is that you don’t have to stick to one option. Your are allowed to eat a Chinese pizza with a pudina chatni, wear Om kurta with denims & Italian shoes, live in Indian home with Romanian interiors equipped with Korean technology but, for some unexplained reason, its not acceptable to love two individuals at the same time. It’s against the society code of conduct and is termed as cheating!


I don’t think society by itself has anything against loving two people. In ancient civilizations people were comfortable with the fact that the human race is not meant to be monogamous. It was understood that one would have multiple partners. Even Indian mythology has proof that earlier civilizations enjoyed polygamy. It really depends on whether your partner has it in her/him to understand that love can happen with two or more people. Sadly most people are not even willing to understand this concept, maybe because with love comes possessiveness & territorialism. Many people aren’t secure enough in themselves to give in to free love.

I wrote this piece around 2 years back based on a random comment by a friend. Do I believe in free love? Yes! Do I believe in polygamy? No!


2 responses to “Love.

  1. Aania June 7, 2011 at 7:40 am

    Why bother defining what love is ? Just go out and enjoy it. Nothing beats being “in love” especially if its a recent phenomena. 😀

    Your post reminds me of the time I tried to unsuccessfully convince a friend that it is possible to love three people at the same time. Lol. But thinking about it now I think often the foundations of relationships these days aren’t as strong for it to withstand someone else. Also if you get everything you need from one person there is no need for another.

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